Training Center

The Rhinos franchise is committed to providing players with the best resources and opportunities to excel. Each player has daily access to the organization's own gym. View the gallery, below, or scroll down to read more to learn about what the Rhinos Training Center offers.

"The EDGE" Skating Treadmill

The EDGE Skating Treadmill in action

"The EDGE" is the leader of its class. This state of the art machine is the best skating treadmill in the world. The skating surface is 7 ft wide by 6 ft long. The surface is a UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weighted) Plastic. We coat this surface with a silicone cover that is easy on the skates and feels just like ice. With proper instruction, you can create positive muscle memory ingraining strong technique that will stay with you forever. The force of the UHMW moving toward our skaters will make it difficult to skate on at first. You can compare this feeling to swimming against a current, however, once the body builds enough strength and it gains more comfort on the EDGE, the players are taken to a whole new level of speed and explosive power. Shooting and stickhandling while skating on the EDGE is the ultimate challenge. The EDGE will not allow skaters to stop their feet while passing, shooting or performing the many puck handling moves that we challenge our players with. This cutting edge piece of technology is the best in the skating treadmill world today. We personally guarantee that any player that trains within our system will improve their game faster than they have ever experienced!


Hockey Specific Gym

Hockey Oriented Workout Equipment

Our hockey specific gym has all the equipment and tools for you to become a better all around player. Hockey players train different than any other athlete; hockey is an anaerobic sport which depends on speed, quickness, explosive power, hand eye coordination, and core strength. Our hockey specific gym integrates the following:

  • Anaerobic power and capacity
  • Multi directional lactate intervals
  • Movement-specific strength
  • Explosive multi joint power
  • Rotary power with sequential firing and weight transfer
  • Dynamic balance
  • Speed
  • Quickness
  • Agility
  • Stopping ability and multi-directional movement
  • Movement skills
  • Reaction abilities - movement and hand-eye
  • Sensory overload
  • Individual tactics

Players that work hard and take advantage of our hockey specific gym programs will see huge improvements on the ice.


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Visit the Training Center at 3945 Doniphan Park Circle, Suite B, or call 915-479-PUCK (7825).