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8th Player

09/13/2009 6:37 PM -
The eighth installment is hard nosed forward John Redmond from Prospect Heights Illinios.

  John Redmond
Number:  4
Hometown:  Prospect Heights, IL
Birthdate:  2/15/90
Position: Forward
Last Team:  Hersey High School
Height: 6' 1"
Weight:  190
Siblings:  2
Siblings name and age:  Justine - 15, Jamie - 22
Mother and Father:  Maria and John
Favorite NHL Team:  Chicago Blackhawks
Favorite Player:  Jonathan Toews
Favorite Band & Song:  Greatful Dead
Favorite Food:  Steak and potatoes
Hobbies:  watching football and hockey
Accomplishments:  Graduated high school
Goals:  Coach youth hockey
Describe your experience as a Rhino:  Hard working team, great experience and environment
Biggest Inspiration:  My mother and father