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Guns, Hoses & St Baldricks

02/23/2011 8:41 PM -

The annual Guns and Hoses weekend is back.  This weekend your Rhinos will be wearing a "special" Guns and Hoses jersey to recognize all the law enforcement agenices in El Paso.  Along with the Rhino games special Law Enforcement games will be played after each Rhino game.  Friday night after the Rhino game the Fire Department will take on the Federal Agencies.  Saturday night after the Rhino game the Police Department will take on the Fire Department. 

The Rhino's Guns and Hoses will be auctioned off Saturday night

Friday night all Rhino players and coaches will be shaving their heads for the St Baldricks foundation, to bid on your favorite player please email info@elpasohockey.org

To view the current bids as of 7:30 pm 2/23/11 please download the form below