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22 of 25

09/29/2009 2:24 PM -

The 22nd player of the El Paso Rhinos 25 players in 25 days is Florida forward Vinnie Morris.

  Vinnie Morris
Number:  22
Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Birthdate:  1/29/1990
Position:  Forward
Last Team:  Valley Junior Warriors
Height:  5' 10"
Weight:  180
Siblings:  2
Siblings name and age:  Christian - 16, Alex - 12
Mother and Father:  Anne Marie and Vincent
Favorite NHL Team:  Boston Bruins
Favorite Player:  Alex Ovechkin
Favorite Band & Song:  Taylor Swift - You belong with me
Favorite Food:  Pizza
Hobbies:  NHL 09, lacrosse, TV, music
Accomplishments:  Mass All Star Team, leading scorer
Goals:  Play college hockey
Describe your experience as a Rhino:  PSo far it has been great.  My room mates are awesome and the team seems to be pretty good.  Should be a great year. 
Biggest Inspiration:  My mother and father