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Rhinos Defeat Oilers on Thanksgiving Day Match Up

11/24/2016 7:15 PM -

The Rhinos took home a victory to begin the Rhinos vs. Oiler series on Thanksgiving night.

To open the first night of the series, Augustus Veidenbaums scored the first goal of the night to take the Oilers to a 1-0 lead, which is how the scoreboard read at the close of the first period.  

During the second period, El Paso took the lead and tightened the gap with Tulsa in Rhino territory 3-1, as the second period concluded.

As both teams skated into the third period, El Paso secured the lead. The teamwork by Rhinos, Adam Cech and assist by Aleksandr Timchenko resulted in another goal and a presence on the scoreboard of 4-1 almost instantly after the 3 period began. Oilers stayed alive during the 3rd period as Justin Arnold from Tulsa scored another goal giving the Oilers a little reach at 4-2, Rhinos still dominating.

As the game progressed, El Paso scored twice more bringing the score to 6-2 to end the game in sweet victory for the turkey holiday. 

-Yazmen McCaskill