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Rhinos to Train at Wolves Den

07/08/2019 10:31 AM -

Wolves Den Becomes the Official Training Facility of the Rhinos


Since 2016, the Rhinos have visited Wolves Den Gym for boxing workout sessions with notable boxing trainer, Louie Burke. Now the gym will be the permanent home for the Rhinos’ off-ice training.


Locally owned boxing gym, Wolves Den, has been involved with the Rhinos for the past three seasons. Each year, it has offered the team more support. After hosting several of team’s workouts in 2016 and becoming a formal sponsor in 2018, gym owner, Mark Sandy, suggested that Wolves Den might be a good fit for the Rhinos’ training needs. In June, Sandy and Rhino Head Coach Cory Herman finalized a lifetime deal that made Wolves Den the official training facility of El Paso’s only ice hockey franchise.


Although the Rhinos will no longer operate their own training center, Herman is excited for the opportunity the partnership brings. “Wolves Den is the premier training facility in El Paso and we are very honored and excited for it to be the official training facility of the El Paso Rhinos,” he stated. “Every time the team has visited, we’ve always had such a great experience. The staff was incredibly helpful, the trainers were challenging, the facility is state-of-the-art and well kept, and it has the best equipment. We knew that players would benefit from a bigger facility and Wolves Den’s top-notch trainers, and we really respect Wolves Den commitment to providing the best experience for every person who enters the building.”


Sandy’s sentiments about the Rhinos are similar. “Having had the Rhino players in our gym during training sessions the past few seasons and in meeting Cory Herman and the Rhino staff, I have gotten to see, firsthand, how the Rhino organization is run and the absolute dedication that they have to the quality of their product and especially the fans.”


As a result of the deal, fans will see a larger Wolves Den Gym presence at games and in the fitness center, gym-goers will notice the Rhino logo displayed on weight-lifting platforms along with photos of the Rhinos on the gym walls. Dual branding is only part of the collaboration, and both Sandy and Herman are excited about the mutual benefits to come.


Sandy explained, “On the business side, this allows the Wolves Den to partner with a company whose high ideals align themselves with our own. Each side brings things to the table that will assist the other. As season ticket holders, my family and I have become absolute fans of the team and its staff. Helping our favorite El Paso sports team hopefully achieve even greater heights of success is a unique and fun opportunity that we look forward to.”


Herman also mentioned how the deal affects the Rhinos’ business. “Wolves Den is expanding, and the Rhinos are too, so I think this partnership really helps both organizations grow even more. Each year, we’re impressed how much the community support grows,” he said. “This partnership with Wolves Den adds to the many reasons we are so grateful to the people of El Paso.”


Wolves Den Gym often welcomes national, international and local boxing legends like Jennifer and Abraham Han and Austin Trout. The gym also offers memberships to the public and provides bodybuilding and muscular development assistance, boxing and cardio classes, weight loss and management services, nutritional and supplemental guidance, as well as body fat and BMI testing. For more information on how you can train with wolves, visit